Tuesday, November 18, 2008


(First of all...ugh...it's been WAY longer than I wanted since I posted last. I'm figuring if the title of our blog holds true, I should be posting pretty often, right? I'll do better.)

So, to the post - Lauren is becoming so cute lately. She's saying lots of words now and following in her big sister's footsteps. Addy loved (loves?) princesses and has way too many of them, so naturally, Lauren loves to play with them too. She loves saying, "Jazzy (aka Jasmine), Ariel, Belle (that would be for Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty thus far)" and is attempting some others ("Coco" for Pocahontas, "Mommy" for Mulan...unless it's a dark-haired thing...). She has been able to walk really well in the dress up princess shoes for many months, but she's branching out now. She walked out of the bedroom with these accessories on today needing help getting the "gasses" on.


Amy Jensen said...

I can't wait for my little girl to do that! Well I can wait but when she does it will be fun.

lee and jo said...

she looks like a mini elton john i bet she's good at the crocidle rock