Friday, November 21, 2008

Gardner Village

My friend, Becca, the girls, and I took a little trip up to Gardner Village earlier this week. What a cute place! I've been there a couple times, and every now and then get the urge to go again. We missed the "elves" by a day, but enjoyed beautiful weather and ducks instead! Besides the company, of course. Becca is such an awesome person (those of you who know her will easily agree) - the girls and I just love her. It was fun listening to Lauren call her..."Bec-ca, Bec-ca, Bec-ca!" Then she'd just smile. I love that Bec just takes the girls without worry or feeling like she's got to ask my permission for things. It's a great feeling to trust someone with your kids! She's just great! Hope you had fun, Bec! Until the chocolate fest... :)

Feeding the ducks some Cheetos. You could tell these guys were used to getting "food" attention. One of 'em ate a cheeto right out of Becca's hand!


Jen said...

That's how I felt about you when Katie was little! Looks like a fun day. Let's talk soon. Love ya!

emcghee said...

Hey Brittany! It's your long lost cousin Erin. Your girls are adorable and I'm glad I happened upon your blog, such and easy way to see what your up to!

Kristan Carter said...

I love Gardner's Village...So Fun...And you are right about Becca she is GREAT>