Saturday, August 29, 2009

Addy starts Kindergarten

We knew the day would finally come, but so quickly??! Addy started Kindergarten at Lakeview Elementary on Wednesday. She was pretty excited about going, but had a little sad moment early on. Days 2 & 3 seemed to be better and it'll all look up from here! She's our little darling!
And while she was at school, this little one helped me make some brownies. She's gonna love the mommy-me time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whew! Summer 2009

What a summer! Barry's brother, Lee, and his family (Joanna, Sam, Owen, & Imogen) were here from England for 5 weeks this summer. We had a TON of fun with them and kept VERY busy. Here are just some snippits of our adventures.

Addy & Britt on the Alpine Slide in Park City

Lee & Owen on the Alpine Slide - they loved it!!

Temple Square shot.
We also visited the Conference Center, Beehive House, Church Office Building, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Energy Solutions Arena. Had some fun times in Salt Lake.

Who are these ghetto kids playing in street water in their underwear?!?

Baz & Lee against the Flaming Gorge dam. These two & Sam had a great time at Scout Camp fishing, boating, tubing, and bonding, of course.

Lee & Sam fishing

Baz, Sam, & Lee at Flaming Gorge

We spent many days at Seven Peaks. Here's Owen & Addy.

Addy & Lauren
We spent a weekend in southern Utah. Here is grandad with Sam by the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Here's a group shot at Zions National Park.

We spent a week at Wolf Creek with the whole family again. It was a great time. Two days were spent at the reservoir with a wave runner. Here's our family Christmas picture this year (right?!!).
Lee & Jo spitting it up in front of our summer home...

Addy, Baz, Owen, & Lee

Lee & Baz - couldn't get enough of each other!