Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hola Mexico!

What a fantastic trip we just had to Mazatlan, Mexico! In-cred-i-ble! This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary so we wanted to do something big. Britt's heart had been set on Hawaii, but we changed our minds after a recommendation to a resort in Mazatlan called Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay (you've GOT to check it out!!). We had the best time! You know how photos online usually highlight the best parts of a place and are made to look even better than in real life? Well, they were absolutely true to life. The resort was so fantastic, the food was delectable, the weather was mid-80's the whole week, we could go on and on. Seriously, if you want a great vacation, you will NOT be disappointed if you follow in our footsteps (because we followed in some friends'...). I don't even know if these pictures are the "highlights" really, but just some from our trip. We couldn't have done it without the help of family and friends watching our kids, so thank you, thank you.

The view from our room

It was dark, so you can't see, but we had just eaten at this cool restaurant at the resort. Behind us is an awesome pool.

Bird of paradise - just one of many beautiful flowers that adorn this place.

We were loving the daily maid service; then one night we came in thinking we left the TV on, but no...they come and "turn down your beds!" complete with a "Good Night" card and chocolate (and remote handy).

We ordered room service breakfast most of our mornings. The orange juice is about the freshest tasting thing I've had in my LIFE!! Barry enjoyed the eggs benedict; Britt had yogurt and an omelet this particular day. After coming in to a clean room daily, having our beds turned down nightly, eating such great food, Barry's favorite line (a little tongue-in-cheek) was "We deserve this!"

A view of part of the pool. We loved the poolside service (Britt decided that Mai Tai's are her favorite drink - virgin, of course). It's going to sound like our vacation centered around food (when DOESN'T life center around food, really?), but another favorite snack was chips and guacamole. This was the first time that we actually ran out of CHIPS long before the guacamole.

Another shot proving that indeed, the vacation DID center around food. This was at a "surf-n-turf" buffet. Yes, that is lobster in front of Barry. The salad/seafood bar at this place was a seafood lover's paradise. Barry loved the scallops and even ate (and liked) octopus (ew!).

We did a zip-line tour through the "jungles" of near-Mazatlan. The experience was really cool; the scenery wasn't so "jungley," unfortunately; maybe we hit the dead jungle season...


And again...a cool restaurant on the beach where we had lunch one day.

Here's Baz taking off on a parasail...
...and Britt coming down from her ride. That was cool!

Ten whole years of marriage! Here's to another ten!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lauren turns 2

We celebrated Laurie-Lu's 2nd birthday with a family party. She's just starting to "get" the colors, but she's known "pink" for a while, so, of course, we had pink. Girls are great.
And she loves princesses, especially "Jazzy" and "Hi-Ho," so we had 2 pink cakes - one for each.

She loved all of her presents and was excited as each new one was opened. So we put on her dress and tiara and socks and she was off giving her new baby a ride in her new pink stroller.
Reading her new princess book

And a darling pink scooter!
Happy Birthday, babe!! We love you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cute pics

We got some cute pics of the girls at a recent wedding (stepbrother/in-law) and had to post. The wedding was great! Beautiful colors, decorations, food, etc. We had a nice time.

Addy with the Salt Lake temple in background
Addy, Britt, and Lauren
Baz and Addy