Monday, August 18, 2008

Squash anyone?

This is my second year of "gardening" and I am finding that I quite like it! Just about everything I've tried so far seems to work pretty well. I'm pretty sure that it's not due to anything spectacular that I do. I just water daily. What I do need to work on is figuring out how many seeds/plants to plant. For example, last year, not knowing how zucchini and yellow squash would do, I had them growing a plenty!! This year, I'm not quite sure why I thought I would need 17 tomato plants?!?! But yes, they're all growing. Funny thing is that I'm not quite reaping red yet. Let me know if you are in need of any yellow squash (crooked neck, I think, is what it's called), cucumbers, eggplant (1st year for this one!), and possibly some cabbage and tomatoes in the near future.

Carrots (argh!!! I hate the formatting on this $*&! thing - I've tried a million times to add a freaken space to no avail)

Green Beans

Green Peppers...not doing so well

Green/Red/Yellow Peppers doing better - they're right next to each other...don't ask me why some are surviving and others are dying

Eggplant (let me know if you want one)

Just some of the crazy tomato plants - what a jungle

Cabbage (these should be nearly ready - let me know if you want one)

Yellow (aka Crooked Neck) Squash (let me know if you want some)

Cucumbers (let me know if you want some)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Ooh, a tag! I've seen this one a couple of times with slight variation, so here goes:

Three Joys

1. Hearing little girls' laughter (mine, to be exact...they both know how to get the other one going and I just get a thrill every time)

2. Food (most...although I'm getting slightly better about seafood...slightly)

3. Topping up my tan, preferably on a beach...or getting a pedicure (there wasn't room for 4)

Three Fears

1. That my husband will have an affair (is that terrible?! I'm being honest!)

2. That one or the other of us will die while we're still raising kids (I really am a pretty happy person - this doesn't make it seem so)

3. That my child(ren) will be the victim of sexual abuse (ok, apparently I need some therapy...I'll get with my husband, the therapist, in a minute)

Three Goals

1. To get SLIGHTLY caught up on scrapbooking!

2. Do a hundred pushups (see here to do it too!)

3. Make a headboard for my bed

Three Obsessions/Collections

1. Grammar/spelling errors (my husband swears I'm not true English majors can probably critique a thing or two on here, though)

2. Picking at/popping zits, blackheads, etc. (isn't that lovely?? My husband can't stand it and my little girl is already dodging me and does some serious flinching when I go near her spots - dang!!)

3. When I was little I loved Strawberry Shortcake paraphernalia (the stuff now doesn't compare!)
Three Surprising Facts

1. I was a Who's Who Among American High School Students.

2. I survived Hurricane Hugo.

3. I wanted to be one of Janet Jackson's dancers.
I Tag: Amy Slagowski, Amy Stancliff, Kristan, Marissa, and Mary. (That's part of the game too, tag 5 others.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baz visits Yellowstone

I was recently invited to go on a field trip to Yellowstone with work. Here are some highlights of the trip.

Old Faithful lived up to her name. After waiting for about 20 minutes, she let off some steam. She isn't half moody.

The photographer took random group shots. You know they were random 'cuz I don't often have a good scratch for the camera.

These are the staff.

We hiked up to this waterfall. I took a refreshing shower in the fall's mist to cool off.

We took another hike and came across this elk grazing in the forest.

The road trip back with the boys was hell - it was an 8-hour journey with every other boy asking "are we there yet?" every five minutes.

The Grand Tetons are well worth seeing - the most beautiful mountain range I've ever seen.

Billy the bison was a friendly fella - he let us get about 10 feet away from him to take a picture.