Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Addy graduated from preschool on Thursday, May 21. The program consisted of lots of songs and poems that they learned during the year. We're so proud of our big girl! She's kind of in the middle of this pic with the striped dress on. Roll on kindergarten!
Here's our graduate (the shadow might hide the whopping cold sore on her face - bless her...she's just like her dad)
Grandma McConnell sure loves her little granddaughter. She brought graduation gifts for the big girl...her own computer!?! What kids are expected to know these days!... (Thanks again, mom)
After-graduation activities...playdough with Lauren (again, thanks to grandma)

Monday, May 4, 2009


So, we're probably terrible parents for letting our children listen to Madonna this young in their lives. They've got good taste and love to dance...who better to dance to then Madonna, right? (disclaimer: Addy does understand that even though Madonna is a good singer, she isn't very modest.) Ok, so here's a conversation today:

Mom (to Lauren, after wasting edamame): "No, Lauren - no more. We don't waste food."

Addy (giving Lauren another edamame pod anyway): "Here you go, Lauren. You can have one more."

Mom (looking at Addy with raised eyebrow after Lauren popped out the bean and, indeed, wasted it): "You know there's a reason why mom and dad say no sometimes. Do you know what people would grow up to be if they could just do whatever they wanted or say whatever they wanted?"

Addy: "What?"

Mom: "Brats."

Addy (after internalizing for just a moment): "Madonna is a brat."

Mom (caught off guard and looking forward to the explanation): "Why?"

Addy: "Cuz she says, 'I can do whatever I want.'" (See album "Confessions On A Dance Floor")

Mom: "You're right!"

I love it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Some pictures of spring events around here:
Addy with the dyed eggs

Lauren loved dipping the eggs

Lauren finding some easter eggs

Addy getting an egg

Love this pic - She looks pooped out

Egg hunt #2

Egg hunt #2

Look at all these eggs!
All the kiddies after egg hunt #2

Easter Sunday
Pretty girls with pretty flowers

In between rain and snow, there were a few nice park-friendly days.
Bless this little redhead - I think she's starting to get freckles.

Cute sisters