Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wolf Creek Adventures

We just got back from our holiday in Northern Utah. We went to Eden with the family for a week. We stayed in the Wolf Creek resort which is by the Pineview reservoir up Ogden canyon. The area has a beautiful European feel to it. We had a brilliant time jet skiing on the reservoir, playing tennis, eating, golfing, visiting museums, eating, horse riding, more eating and playing at the pool. We even did some eating.

If you thought Nadal v. Federer was an intense final, you should've seen Baz v. Dave. Dave eventually became the victor, winning 6-3; but what Baz didn't tell Dave was that he actually plays left-handed.

Grandad earned a new name on holiday. He has officially become "a miserable old git." But when he wasn't having his gittish moments he did what he does best -- entertain the kids.

Lauren loves being by the seaside. She got her dad's skin, bless her.

Ryan learned 2 new skills while tubing: 1 - a triple somersault, 2 - holding your breath under water for extensive periods of time.

He learned both skills the hard way.

Addy eventually found enough courage to ride the wave runners. Once she conquered her fear, she loved it.

The result of a family picture on a wave runner.

The gang takes refuge in the shade.

Wouldn't you be knackered after a hot day in the sun?

Outing to the Hill Aerospace Museum

The kids were real air cadets. It was a hot day but they survived.

Ryan stands by the Atom bomb. He's famous for leaving his own explosions...

After a whiny day, we tried to launch Addy into space, but unfortunately the ejector seat wouldn't work.

Baz took Britt to heaven and back on our 9th wedding anniversary, by standing by the fastest plane in the world.

Here's Britt after a 2-hour ride on "Amos."

We spent our last day visiting the dinosaur park.

Addy believed the dinosaurs behind the fence were real. It's a good job Carson was there to protect her.

It's amazing what you find in the ground if you have a brush in your hand. The kids became junior David Attenbroughs (famous zoologist).

Lauren has a stand-off with a dinosaur. We think she'd win!

A daddy-daughter moment

A mummy-daughter moment

Friday, July 11, 2008

Britt's birthday

So, today was my 34th birthday. I know it's shocking to most of you because I just seem so much younger, right?? :) But, yes, I am now 34. We had a great family day so I had to post. Started out this morning with Addy and Baz bringing my presents to me in bed. Barry's gift was a toaster. A toaster?!?!? We've been married almost 9 years (in 5 more days) and I get a toaster for my birthday? I'd have been thrilled if we even needed a new one, but the one we have is fine... bless him. But I got a nice card. Addy helped pick out a card and a present for me too - a Sleeping Beauty card that plays her song when you open it up and a BARBIE! Hmmm... dad really did let her pick out her own presents. Cute.

Well, we actually did get something new this week. Convenient for Barry...he says a new car was my birthday present. Timing was right for that one! We traded in our VW Jetta for this 2006 Ford Freestyle. You'll have to look it up for all the details - basically a crossover between SUV and minivan (which I wasn't opposed to). It can seat 6 or lays down for lots of storage. So far, so good. We like the look of it and definitely the space factor.

After doing some weeding, we all went on a bike ride down past Utah Lake. A friend from Barry's work invited us to go boating this afternoon, so we got our nephew, Ryan (visiting from England), and away we went! We love going boating. Here are some pics.

After a marathon showering, we headed out to McGraths Fish House for a birthday dinner. Good day! Tomorrow we're off to Wolf Creek for a week - more posting later!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Lauren has recently begun to give kisses. We can't get enough of it.

Here she is kissing daddy...

and mommy.

And, of course, we always love getting kisses from our big girl, Addy.

Our nephew, Ryan, is visiting from England for the summer (Can you spot the Englishman? Oh, hold on, there are 2!). He's come with us to the pool a couple times already. We're trying to tan him up, Lee, but these delicate bodies take time.

A shot of Lauren, Barry, and Ryan with the mountain backdrop. See the "Y" in the distance?

Family pool shot (check out the lady's pool cap in the background)

Fourth of July

A bit behind on the posting...with good reason. Our computer was down for a while. So here's the catch-up: We went over to Nana and Grandad's (Barry's dad) for some fun in the inflatable pool, yummy dinner, and our own fireworks before heading over to a big park to watch the big fireworks show. This year, Addy even went with the boys and Nana to watch the hot air balloons at 6:00 in the morning! She had a great time!
Cute one of Lauren

Lauren and Addy

Cute girls

Addy's first attempt with sparklers

Family shot

All the Stone/Fell cousins in Nana and Grandad's backyard (try capturing good faces on all of them at the same time...)

Grandad with Lauren and Addy

Cousin Ryan (from England!) with Lauren and Addy

Tired little girl by the end of a long day