Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Break

I know a lot of parents, particularly moms, dread school breaks. I'm not one of them - at least right now. One of our adventures was heading up to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. We first discovered this awesome place last summer and I just need a little bit of an excuse to head up again and again. We took some friends and had a great day out! Topped it off with smart cookies. Yum.

Fire(wo)men for a day.

Beating on the drums in the instrument room.


Happy Easter

One of the tables at the Easter feast
One of the kids' tables

Another darling table

Easter egg hunting

Cute little chicks :)

Lauren's newest obsession

The girl loves them.
During the day.
And during the night.
When I finally realized that this wasn't just a passing phase, I figured I'd better get some pictures of this little sleeping beauty and her new love.
Disclaimer: This is in no way staged. No persuasion involved on what hat to wear for sake of pictures. This is just a sampling of the types of hats she chooses to wear. For reasons that must only make sense to her.

(I think she started catching on to me by this time...)

If Life Gives You Lemons...

Or, if a friend gives you fresh lemons from her mother's tree in California...
You enjoy them in however many ways you can!!
We loved lemon bars, lemon chicken, lemon blueberry bread,
lemon cupcakes, guacamole (hint hint on those avocados...), and more that I can't recall.
Thank you, Cynthia!!!


Both Lauren and Barry have March birthdays, so that's always fun. We're still hoping that Lauren will be blessed with hair one of these birthdays...

blowin' out the candles

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We celebrated with green eggs and ham.
It sounds better than it looks.

Barry got to experience the thrill of racing a pimped out Mustang on a real racetrack for his birthday. He now thinks he needs to own some kind of sports car ("I deserve it").