Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5K Pumpkin Run

Well, for us it was mainly a walk. My work, Heritage Schools, Inc., put this on as a fundraiser so we thought we'd take the girls and go walk for a cause. The kids dressed up in their halloween costumes and away we went. With about a half mile to go, Lauren decides she is too cold being in the stroller, so I pick her up to give her some warmth, which slowed us down and kept us out of the running for 3rd place in the stroller category... oh well, we won some "random drawings" instead.
Lauren as a ladybug
If Barry would've run, he would have had a shot at winning, but instead he stayed with the stroller and the fam...what a good man.
Addy was a cold little cat bundled in the stroller.


Marissa said...

We saw you guys out run/walking while we were our geocaching for FHE.

Persianlass said...

you are cool parents. I need to get out more!

Kristan Carter said...

O cute...Great job for getting out there on such a cold day. Barry looks like he is loosing weight??

Adam & Becca said...

Determined! that is word I would use to describe you Brit. Love you and thanks for being a great friend... love-Becca