Sunday, October 12, 2008

A visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Well, it's more like a pumpkin store...well, greenhouse, kinda, but pumpkin patch sounds so much better. I don't know where to find one around here...I'm sure some of you do. So for our annual trip, the girls and I went out for a few decorations.

They liked riding around in the little wagon.
I love this one of Lauren. She's resting on the "swan gourd."


The Stancliff Family said...

Cute cute! I love this time of year. We are going tomorrow to the pumpking patch for FHE (and I am planning on speding a BUNDLE--I love pumpkins:) So what are the girls going to be for Halloween?

Dave and Kristin said...

That picture of Lauren is adorable. Did you go to Grant's or where did you go? They have a really fun place at Grant's called Pumpkin Land, just down from my house that we usually go to for FHE. We should all go sometime. The kids really liked it last year when we went.

Amy Jensen said...

They are so cute! There are a few pumpkin patches I think in AF but we just always go down to Devin's grandpa's farm in Gunnison and pick them out there.

Luana said...

They are such cute girls.

Brittany & Barry said...

Yes, it was Grant's. I've heard it's not so worth the money for Pumpkinland, so we just stroll around the main area - it works! The kids know no better. :)

Adam & Becca said...

Hey Brit-
long time no see... I love the middle picture of Lauren, she is adorable. See you saturday,
Love ya-Becca