Sunday, September 14, 2008

New House?

No, not a new house, just a newly PAINTED house. A little background...

We almost passed this house up when we were house-hunting because I didn't like the color. Mind you, it was January (or February), slush or snow on the ground, the sky was the same color as the house, and I was about 8 months pregnant. Nevertheless, we pulled the flyer and the rest, as they say, is history. This picture doesn't give you a true description of what I'm talking about because it doesn't look so bad with a beautiful blue sky and nice green grass backdrop. But the gray on the house just blended in with the rest of the gray all around for about half the year.

I had always said we'll paint it. So, after a year and a half (not bad, really), 10 gallons of paint, and 36 hours of manpower later... here's our "new house."


Marissa said...

I love it! Good job it looks great.

La said...

The house looks awesome. Good decision to repaint!!

kmmathews said...

I love it. You guys did an amazing job.

Hopefully we will see you soon.



The Edwards Family said...

Great Job. It makes your house look so different, it pops!!!