Friday, August 8, 2008


Ooh, a tag! I've seen this one a couple of times with slight variation, so here goes:

Three Joys

1. Hearing little girls' laughter (mine, to be exact...they both know how to get the other one going and I just get a thrill every time)

2. Food (most...although I'm getting slightly better about seafood...slightly)

3. Topping up my tan, preferably on a beach...or getting a pedicure (there wasn't room for 4)

Three Fears

1. That my husband will have an affair (is that terrible?! I'm being honest!)

2. That one or the other of us will die while we're still raising kids (I really am a pretty happy person - this doesn't make it seem so)

3. That my child(ren) will be the victim of sexual abuse (ok, apparently I need some therapy...I'll get with my husband, the therapist, in a minute)

Three Goals

1. To get SLIGHTLY caught up on scrapbooking!

2. Do a hundred pushups (see here to do it too!)

3. Make a headboard for my bed

Three Obsessions/Collections

1. Grammar/spelling errors (my husband swears I'm not true English majors can probably critique a thing or two on here, though)

2. Picking at/popping zits, blackheads, etc. (isn't that lovely?? My husband can't stand it and my little girl is already dodging me and does some serious flinching when I go near her spots - dang!!)

3. When I was little I loved Strawberry Shortcake paraphernalia (the stuff now doesn't compare!)
Three Surprising Facts

1. I was a Who's Who Among American High School Students.

2. I survived Hurricane Hugo.

3. I wanted to be one of Janet Jackson's dancers.
I Tag: Amy Slagowski, Amy Stancliff, Kristan, Marissa, and Mary. (That's part of the game too, tag 5 others.)


Jen said...

I am totally with you on the grammar/spelling thing! I'm constantly correcting people in my head or to Dave... (I'm also with you on the picking zits thing, but that's a little more embarrassing to admit!)

Luana said...

I think every mother has a fear of their children being harmed physically, mentally, and sexually. Now that I am a grandma I have found the same holds true with grandchildren. I actually pray many times that my babies will never experience harm of any kind from strangers or friends and family. It is a very very real fear. You are quite normal in that regard.
On another note....sure am glad I wasn't ever around you when I had a zit!

romanrobertaloftus said...

Hey, I'm with you... Let's go to the therapist together!

Kami said...

Count me in! I need therapy!

Nichole said...

That is so funny how we can always find people this way. It is good to be able to see what you are up to! We moved up here almost a year ago because Justin got his first pilot job and so far we love it.
Both girls are miracles, actually. I am not supposed to be able to have kids so Macy is the product of a lot of infertility work and then Kylie decided to surprise everyone (especially my doctors) by showing up. They are both such blessings - although I wish they would could playing and go to sleep :)

The Stancliff Family said...

Hey, we've been on vacation and I just now did a blog check...I'm going to be a little late with my info but I loved reading about yours! Hopefully sometime this week I'll get around to posting!

Adam & Becca said...

Hey Brit-
I am excited to see you at church today, I haven't seen you in a while. Your blog is as cute as ever... I would love to babysit the girls this next week, let me know if that works.Love-Becca

Michelle Tolboe said...

I'm so glad i found you! Hope you don't mind that I blog-stalked you! :) Your family is SO cute!

Amy Jensen said...

I am glad you found us, I will have to add you guys to our blog now. It was good to hear from you and your girls are so adorable. I can't believe how big Addy has gotten!

Robinson's said...

Remember that zit you popped on your Mother in Law down at Powell. Wait! What am I saying... I know you remember. I think it was one of the best days (or zits ) of your life. LOL