Thursday, April 10, 2008


I don't know how many of you know Barry well, but one thing you may not know about him is that he loves ants. One of the best presents I got for him was an ant farm. He used to lay down on the kitchen floor (in our first apartment), put a piece of bread down, and watch the curious little creatures break it down and carry it off to the mother nest (or whatever it's called). He just finds it fascinating how they all work together and can carry like 5 times their body weight (or something like that)!!?! At least with the ant farm, they're contained. Well, hopefully our house isn't the only one that attracts the little buggers. It's like they camp out under Lauren's high chair - knowing they'll hit the mother load every few hours.

So, last night they were seriously feasting. I was sick of cleaning them up yesterday, so I left the job for Barry. Since they had been at it for a long time, I think 10 families had joined in on the fun and they had moved a pea-sized crumb really close to their home under the baseboard. I sent Barry over to dispose of them and here's what we get: (after kneeling down for a closer look) "I can't get rid of them now, after all their hard work. Look at 'em. It just wouldn't be right." And so we left them - to feast on their morsel.

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