Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 Months in Review...

I mean, what do you even say? And who cares, really, right? So, we'll skip it all and just hit the highlights of the last SEVERAL months. (And since I can't get this *bleepity bleep* thing to let me move pictures, this will be backwards. Argh. Which would be one of the reasons this blog has not been updated.)
Barry took a 10-day-or-so trip to England to visit the family. Here he is with his older brothers, Marlon and Lee. Enjoyed time: with family, with food (i.e. Gregg's bakery; fish, chips 'n mushy peas, Indian), with football (aka soccer). Pretty much it.
Golfing with Lee.
Marlon, Mum (Heather), Dad (Rob), Baz, Lee at sis-in-law Jo's baptism (awesome highlight).

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Jen said...

So glad to see a new post...i've been waiting patiently! Blogger drives me crazy with pictures too. I've had to learn to do a little HTML codes or I could never get it the way I want it.