Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moms are smart

I decided to break out some "Cup o' Noodles" for my kids' lunch the other day. You know, the ones that you fill up with boiling water and let sit for 3 minutes to "cook" the dehydrated stuff inside? Something told me it was a bad idea for Lauren (2-year-old) to eat hers in the cup, but I didn't listen. Well, of course, a few minutes into it, hers goes spilling all over the place. And, as I'm sure most mothers do, I say out loud to myself, "How did I KNOW that would happen?" Addy pipes up, "Because you're smart and mothers know everything." "Who told you that, Addy?" "You did a while ago." That's right, Add, that's right...don't you forget it. :)


Jen said...

How cute! Hopefully you can keep her convinced of that for a long, long time!

the fell family said...

hoping this will work for once. Great to se the pics and the stories x