Monday, May 4, 2009


So, we're probably terrible parents for letting our children listen to Madonna this young in their lives. They've got good taste and love to dance...who better to dance to then Madonna, right? (disclaimer: Addy does understand that even though Madonna is a good singer, she isn't very modest.) Ok, so here's a conversation today:

Mom (to Lauren, after wasting edamame): "No, Lauren - no more. We don't waste food."

Addy (giving Lauren another edamame pod anyway): "Here you go, Lauren. You can have one more."

Mom (looking at Addy with raised eyebrow after Lauren popped out the bean and, indeed, wasted it): "You know there's a reason why mom and dad say no sometimes. Do you know what people would grow up to be if they could just do whatever they wanted or say whatever they wanted?"

Addy: "What?"

Mom: "Brats."

Addy (after internalizing for just a moment): "Madonna is a brat."

Mom (caught off guard and looking forward to the explanation): "Why?"

Addy: "Cuz she says, 'I can do whatever I want.'" (See album "Confessions On A Dance Floor")

Mom: "You're right!"

I love it.


Jen said...

No suprise that your kids love to dance...the apple didn't fall far on that one. Katie was raised on Aerosmith and Van Madonna is practically MoTab companed to that!!

Kristan Carter said...

That is so funny. I love Madonna as well...Addy is just to smart.

Candy said...

That's hilarious!