Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lauren turns 2

We celebrated Laurie-Lu's 2nd birthday with a family party. She's just starting to "get" the colors, but she's known "pink" for a while, so, of course, we had pink. Girls are great.
And she loves princesses, especially "Jazzy" and "Hi-Ho," so we had 2 pink cakes - one for each.

She loved all of her presents and was excited as each new one was opened. So we put on her dress and tiara and socks and she was off giving her new baby a ride in her new pink stroller.
Reading her new princess book

And a darling pink scooter!
Happy Birthday, babe!! We love you!


The Stancliff Family said...

When is Lauren's birthday? We just had Lucy's bday also. Do they have the same birthday (March 23rd)? Lauren's a doll! Anxiously awaiting the Mexico pics!

Cason and Marie said...

Looks like fun! Such a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Brittany & Barry said...

Lauren's bday is actually March 7, but we've been busy and gone! :)