Thursday, February 19, 2009

When I Grow Up

(I've come to grips with realizing I'm one of those mothers who talks about her kids more than others care to listen to...but so goes life...)

Addy is such a character. Here was a cute conversation we had today.

Add: Guess what I'm going to be for real when I grow up? (She's wanted to be a doctor, teacher, mother, singer, and a few others already.)

Mom: What?

Add: A police girl.

Mom: Oh!

Add: And I'm going to marry Max and we're going to have the same job. And we'll have the same guns. And the same flashlights. But I won't be shooting people all around. Because I'm a good little girl.

Ha!! I love it!


The Edwards Family said...

That's a nice picture of your daughter as a "police girl", with a gun and flashlight. Love it.

La said...

well at least she won't go round shooting people!
too funny.

Jen said...

You can talk about your kids all you want...I love stories like this!

The Mathews Family said...

Marry Max? What about Kellin? haha!

Brittany & Barry said...

I know, I know. She's given up on Kellin, I think. (Not really, she still talks about marrying him from time to time - but she's a typical in-the-moment gal!)

Scott, Mandi & the boys said...

You have a happy. Email me and I will send you an invite to mine!!

cynthia said...

i always say that being a parent gives one limitless blog material. this post proves it. matching guns!