Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BIG Snowstorm

We had our first BIG snowstorm of the season yesterday. Besides getting stuck in it in several locations (including our driveway...better there than on some lonely road), we thought we ought to build a snowman. The snow was up to my knees!?!? Here are some of the pix.
Lauren all bundled up
Addy tasting some snow
Barry with the finished product
Addy just wasn't warm enough inside after being out in the frigid air, so she donned Lauren's hat, scarf, and gloves and she and Lauren snuggled in her bed for a movie. This is a new favorite spot for them...especially Lauren when it's bedtime ("I want Addy bed"). So cute.

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emcghee said...

I have to agree--getting stuck in your driveway is prob. the best spot to get stuck in the snow. I'm just not a fan of any type of snow, at all! We stayed at the Pueblo Bonita, Mazatlan. Not the Emerald Bay one. I heard the Emerald Bay one is really nice, just further away. We had a great time, its beautiful. You'll love it. Merry Christmas!