Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter fun

A little explaining...I was so excited to post pix from the Easter holidays, so imagine my dismay when I went to download the pix and found "no images" on my camera!!?! Days go by and finally I ask Barry to see if he can try and figure it out. To my surprise, he does! and the pix appear! So...a week later, here we go...

Here is "grumpy ole' Addy" at our first Easter egg hunt. I don't blame her - it was early and cold. Without candy (the "whistle" was yet to be blown) or warm home, she wasn't in the best of spirits.

Lauren with a find! She had a great time gathering eggs. And let me tell you, she is a CANDY LOVER! Halloween is going to be fun...

The second "loot" from Nana and Grandad's.

Barry and our little flowers.

The "good-for-you" key lime pie I brought for Easter dessert - festive, of course, with jelly beans on top. Yummy!

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